Lisnagarvey High School  

Mathematics Department


M3 Topics

*M3 includes all M2 topics found on the GCSE Foundation page*


Algebra: expanding two brackets                                   Video        Worksheet

Algebraic fractions: addition                                            Video        Worksheet

Algebraic fractions: simplifying                                       Video        Worksheet

Factorisation: quadratics                                                  Video        Worksheet

Factorisation: difference between two squares          Video        Worksheet

Graphs: cumulative frequency (draw)                            Video        Worksheet

Graphs: cumulative frequency (interpret)                    Video       Worksheet

Linear graphs: y=mx+c                                                      Video        Worksheet

Linear graphs: find equation of a line                            Video        Worksheet

Simultaneous equations (substitution, both linear)   Video        Worksheet

Simultaneous equations (Elimination)                          Video        Worksheet

Trigonometry missing sides:                                            Video        Worksheet

Trigonometry missing angles:                                         Video        Worksheet


This page is for Years 11 & 12 students. Click on the 'Video Clip' link beside each topic to watch a video which explains how to solve each type of question.


There is also a 'Worksheet' link beside each topic for you to print off and complete; then bring this to your teacher and they wil mark it for you.

M7 Topics

*M7 includes all M6 topics found on the GCSE Foundation page*


Standard form                                                            Video   Worksheet

Standard form: addition and subtraction              Video   Worksheet

Enlargements: fractional scale factor (less than 1)Video  Worksheet

Probability: tree diagrams                                          Video   Worksheet

Surds: intro, rules, simplifying                                   Video   Worksheet

Surds: addition/subtraction                                      Video   Worksheet